Dyson DC41 Animal save $40 (special offer)

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Click to active this Dyson DC41 coupon. Paste it when checkout, it may be still works at this time.
Click to active this Dyson DC41 coupon. Paste it when checkout, it may be still works at this time.

Dyson DC41 Deals

Dyson DC41 Deals

Dyson DC41 is definitely one of the best Dyson vacuum cleaners in terms of cleaning efficiency (thanks to the Dyson Ball™ technology, Radial Cyclone™ technology, and the larger motorised brush bar)

The Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum cleaner is super easy to put together. Once you take it out of the box it snaps together in less than 5 minutes

The Dyson DC41 provide enough suction to remove the cat hair and deep down dirt in the area rugs and carpet we have in our house. It is true that this new Dyson Animal goes from hardwood floor to carpet easily without losing any suction

Dyson DC41 Review

Dyson DC41 ReviewWe are a retired couple and knew we needed a new vacuum cleaner. Dyson was recommended to us by several family members, and it is extremely easy to use as you do not have to push hard, it picks everything on carpeted areas as well as wood floors, and it is very easy to open and discard the waste materials from!


  • The DC41 sucks hard – and with a vacuum, that’s a good thing
  • The dust canister is perfectly sized
  • The HEPA filters are easy to clean


  • The head is too big to fit under low furniture
  • No automatically retracting cord
  • Hard to justify dropping the cash for some people

Dyson DC41 Best Price

Bought the DC41 to replace our trusty DC03. It is powerful and efficient, BUT, it is heavy and unwieldy. If you have any issues with arthritic hands or wrists this is NOT the machine for you. The ‘ball’ technology means that it has a mind of its own and mine is continually ploughing into the wall.


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